E N T E R L I N E   -   E C O


ENTERLINE is the leading company
in Korea that produces food packaging products.


E N T E R L I N E   I N T R O D U C T I O N

ENTERLINE provides
well-being service that delivers cooked food
in a safe and healthy way to customers.



    The Preservation of Aroma and Flavor
    While a Perpect Presentaion
  • VISION 2025

    Growing into a Number One Domestic
    Group and
    Global Enterprise
  • BEST 2025

    • Best of Domestic Market
    • Expanding to Global Market
    • Strategic R & D
    • Trusted & Reliable Partnership

Core Value

CI Introduce

It is a combination of the logotype of the company
name of Enterline. It displays the official name of the enter line
and cannot be altered in any case.


  • R: 224 G: 31 B:38
    C: 6% M: 1005 Y: 100% K: 0%
  • R: 15 G: 76 B: 141
    C: 100% M: 97% Y: 16% K: 3%

CI by product

Enterline's products are Enterpack, EnterClear,
Enter Heater Unit, Enter Vessel CI