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[Franchise World] "Enter Water Fryer, a new product of Enter Line…



Enter Line (representative of Jun Jae-ho) has released the commercial gas fryer "Enter Water Fryer" and has gained the attention of the industry. This fryer uses oil-water separation technology to separate the water in the oil and to separate the food residue generated when frying the food. As oxidation in the oil does not occur, you can use clean oil for a long time. 

The biggest advantage of Enter Water Fryer is such economic effectiveness. As it blocks the mixing of water and oil, it increases the purity of the oil, maximizes the efficiency of the oil, and reduces the amount of oil used. The spokesperson of the company addressed that as a result of Enter Line's internal experiment, it was possible to reduce the amount of oil used by about 60% or more compared to general fryers. 

It also reduces the oxidation of oil during cooking and suppresses the generation of small fried pieces or residues. This makes it very convenient for cleaning the fryer, as there is almost no phenomenon that small pieces or residues burn to the inner wall of the fryer. In addition, almost no oil vapor is generated, and the duct can be maintained in a clean state. It greatly complements the disadvantages of conventional fryers, such as cleaning hands in every corner of the interior and making it easy to clean with water. 

In particular, it is an advantage that various fries can be cooked at once with an Enter Water Fryer. Although it is difficult from the general fries, this product does not mix the smells even if several types are cooked at the same time. As a result, the temperature deviation can be confirmed immediately through the LED mounted on the Enter Water Fryer. As a result, even beginners are able to standardize dishes based on accurate time and temperature. 

In addition, this fryer has a built-in MP3 function, and various sound effects can be made. You can select the alarm sound and button sound that notify you of the start and end of cooking with music that suits your taste, which would further improve work efficiency.